Watching artists succeed is the best part of what I do. That’s why I’m excited to highlight some of Muddy Paw PR’s client wins and results in our new case studies series. Join me as I share success stories from our press campaigns, strategy sessions, and more, showcasing the incredible journeys and achievements of the artists I’ve had the privilege to work with.

We’re kicking things off with a one-of-a-kind campaign. Downupright.

Meet Downupright

Downupright is Bill Boulden (they/them), from Buffalo, NY. For this PR campaign we were promoting We’re Doomed We’re Dancing, an album truly unlike anything else. It explores the end of the world sixty different ways across sixty different genres, each with their own reaction to their own unique apocalypse.

Our Goals

Launch Point

No two artists are alike, and so, no two campaigns are either.

For Downupright, we did a full-service PR campaign which meant starting with an in-depth Q&A to understand their vision, followed by a comprehensive social media deep dive, branding assessment, and strategy session to get them PR ready.

Understanding an artist’s vision for their career as well as this particular project is essential —and we don’t skip steps.

All Systems Go

This is where the transformation happens.

After the Q&A, we develop compelling angles to capture the attention of press, influencers, and playlists both in and outside the music industry. It’s a crucial part of what sets us apart. Next, we create a full bio and press kit, ensuring Downupright had all the tools they needed to succeed.

Is this album not amazing?!

The Results

Ready to see results?

If you’re a musician ready to elevate your music career in 2024, reach out. Just fill out this form and let me know what you’re working on.