Who We Are

MP Co., formerly Muddy Paw PR, emerges in 2022 as a fresh but familiar face in the music industry. Led by Angela (Mastrogiacomo) Tyler, MP Co. has helped our clients to reach goals such as placements on top outlets (Forbes, Business Insider) podcasts (Lead Singer Syndrome) and paired them with opportunities to expand their careers, including partnerships with labels, festivals, and life-changing opportunities.

From indie artists that have gone on to sign major deals like The Sometimes Island (8 million streams) to indie artists on the rise like Gold Steps (Alternative Press “Band to Watch”, Lead Singer Syndrome) and even industry giants like Linkfire, we’re honored to have worked with such diverse talent.

Our Approach

Is it cliche to say it’s always been about the music? It’s true though. From the moment we started (originally as a blog back in 2009), we were driven by our curiosity and excitement for the industry in front of us. At the opportunity to do something different and change the way “it’s always been.” We believed then in the power of words, story, and strategy, and we still believe that now.

Our values come from our individual experiences as press, journalists, designers, and strategists in the industry. It comes from understanding the power of words and positioning and the ability of those things to skyrocket a brand.

Through our collective experience, we’ve developed systems and strategies to help brands become the successful, influential creatives they want to be. To change lives and, little by little, change the industry. To make a difference. 


We're here to help you make a difference

After all, trends change. The industry definitely changes. But what doesn’t change is our love of it. The music industry is a powerful force of change and innovation. We believe that, and we know you do too. We’re here to make a difference, and if you also want to make a difference, we’d love to meet you.