August 4th 2022: Muddy Paw PR, the public relations company that has secured their clients placements on sites such as Forbes, American Songwriter, Business Insider, and Lead Singer Syndrome is thrilled to announce their exciting next phase.

Eight years on, MP Co. emerges as a fresh but familiar face in the music industry. Their mission remains the same: to bring visibility and exponential growth opportunities to their clients. With their refresh, MP Co is excited to expand their services and clientele to include a diverse roster of musician and music tech clients, as well as services that include publicity, marketing, launch strategy, and operations and strategy consulting for musicians and industry alike. 

“We’ve been lucky to work with so many incredible people over the years, and been surrounded by a community that supports this growth. Everything we do comes back to serving them. This big shift is inspired by a desire to grow stronger, so that we can better serve our community. We are thrilled at the opportunity to do so,” said Founder Angela Tyler.

MP Co. is a marketing and communications agency with a track record of top-tier outlets as well as artists signing with labels, festivals, and sponsorships. A few of these successful partnerships include: SmartPunk Records, SXSW, Launch Music Festival and Conference and more. MP Co.‘s unique experience and approach combines the team’s decade+ music industry experience with a genuine love for client success, brand development, and true one-on-one connection. 

MP Co.’s commitment to indie artists and their success will never change, but their bright new look and logo is a nod to the brand’s growth and maturity into a wider marketing and publicity community, including their expansion to take on music tech and industry clients. Previous clients in this space have included Linkfire, Soundfly, and Tunecore.

MP Co. has always been about bringing our community together and supporting each other as we grow. It’s the cornerstone of our values, and that will never change. With our expansion, we are excited to continue to do that, and to welcome this next chapter, together.”

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