Ten Things I’ve Learned Over Ten Years: Advice for Indie Artists

This year marks ten years of Muddy Paw PR. To celebrate, here’s a list of ten things I’ve learned over ten years that have helped our artists succeed in all the ways that are meaningful to them and their goals—because no two artists are the same, and it’s important to adjust our campaign and strategies […]

5 Reasons You Need a Release Strategy for Your Next Music Drop

Are you planning to release new music in the next six months and considering handling the release yourself but feeling unsure where to start? As a DIY musician managing your own PR and marketing, having a solid strategy is essential. Even if you’re taking the DIY approach, having a well-crafted release strategy will significantly enhance […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Muddy Paw PR: A Re-Introduction and Our Services

This year marks a decade since I launched Muddy Paw PR. I was just a kid back then! See? Hot pink hair and nose ring (where do you think our colors came from?) marked my journey into music publicity. Ten years later and hopefully having learned a few things along the way, I am SO […]

What Publicists & Managers Look for When Taking on Musicians

Finding the right publicist or manager is crucial for any musician looking to make a significant impact in the industry. But what exactly are these professionals looking for when they decide to take on a new artist? Here are the key factors that make a musician stand out and catch my eye. Music I’m Obsessed […]

Unlocking the Power of PR: How to Turn Buzz into Sold-Out Shows

Often, people will ask me how PR translates to sales. “Will it help me sell out a show?” “Will it help me sell more albums?” “Will it give me more fans?” The answer is yes. …and also no. Public relations is a term that means so many things depending on who you ask. But at […]

6 Marketing Hacks for Musicians

girl playing guitar on stage

You’ve heard all the usual music marketing advice. Stay active on social media. Promote your music but not too much. Build your brand but be responsible about it. Attract new fans and always be moving forward. You know all of this and yet, something is still missing. It’s not quite clicking. Here’s the truth. Each musician, their […]

What’s The Difference Between PR And Marketing?

woman with guitar happy

It’s the age-old question: what’s the difference between PR and marketing? They work together to move a brand forward and are vital to a musician’s career, but are not the same thing. To be a successful musician in today’s fast-moving industry, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of these two fields. Hence, we’ve compiled […]