6 Marketing Hacks for Musicians

girl playing guitar on stage

You’ve heard all the usual music marketing advice. Stay active on social media. Promote your music but not too much. Build your brand but be responsible about it. Attract new fans and always be moving forward. You know all of this and yet, something is still missing. It’s not quite clicking. Here’s the truth. Each musician, their […]

Indie Insights: Navigating the Music Business with Shanice


Welcome to the first of many Industry Insights, a series dedicated to helping emerging musicians transform their passion into a full-time career. Today I’m chatting with renowned indie artist Shanice to explore the education and business aspects of the music industry. Learn from her experiences in marketing, collaboration, and navigating the transition from independent to […]

17 ways to get more music fans

Originally published on Bandzoogle When it comes to building a sustainable career in the music industry, it all comes down to the fans. Every goal you set, every opportunity you pursue, every hour of work you pour into your career, it’s all for one very specific reason: to build a stronger and more vibrant fan […]

5 Marketing Strategies For Musicians & Music Companies

Music Marketing for Musicians and Music Companies

by Angela Tyler from the Reverbnation blog When you think of marketing, does it fall into one of two categories? Either sixties advertising execs in fancy suits and tall buildings or slick ads that won’t leave you alone (seriously, how do they know I was talking about nachos?!)  Most of the time, that’s what I think of too. But […]