Ten Things I’ve Learned Over Ten Years: Advice for Indie Artists

This year marks ten years of Muddy Paw PR. To celebrate, here’s a list of ten things I’ve learned over ten years that have helped our artists succeed in all the ways that are meaningful to them and their goals—because no two artists are the same, and it’s important to adjust our campaign and strategies […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Muddy Paw PR: A Re-Introduction and Our Services

This year marks a decade since I launched Muddy Paw PR. I was just a kid back then! See? Hot pink hair and nose ring (where do you think our colors came from?) marked my journey into music publicity. Ten years later and hopefully having learned a few things along the way, I am SO […]

How to run an effective music PR campaign on a shoestring budget

Originally written for and shared on Hypebot by Muddy Paw PR Are you about to release your next single or album and feeling a little overwhelmed? So many artists I’ve worked with over the last fifteen years often get to this crucial step in the process — releasing and marketing their music — and suddenly, […]

6 Creative Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

musicians at festival round circle

Originally published on SoundFly and republished on Hypebot When your whole world is centered around the art you create — in your case, music — it can feel like a lot of pressure to constantly be keeping up with everything. It can feel like all you’re spending your time on is how to stand out instead […]

17 ways to get more music fans

When it comes to building a sustainable career in the music industry, it all comes down to the fans. Every goal you set, every opportunity you pursue, every hour of work you pour into your career, it’s all for one very specific reason: to build a stronger and more vibrant fan base.  You’ve probably heard […]

How to Use Reddit to Capture a Larger Fanbase

What if I told you there was a social media platform that holds an active, engaged user base with millions of traffic daily? Would you be intrigued? Now, what if I told you that you could rely on your music and your message to carry you, instead of trying to constantly entertain (looking at you: Instagram and […]