We all know being a musician isn’t just about making great music and putting on incredible shows (though, that’s important). It’s about connecting with your fans on a whole new level. And guess what? Podcasting is the secret sauce to make that happen. Here’s why and how you can make it work for you.

Deep Dives on the things you care most about

Podcasts are a great way to go deep on the things that you’re passionate about. Take Chris Shiflett and his Volume.com podcast Shred with Shifty. In it he gets to talk to musicians of all caliber (the most recent being Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, where they talk Yngwie, Phish, and the outro solo to “Only in Dreams” off the “Blue” album.) That’s something he’d likely never have the opportunity to talk about but with a podcast he gets the chance to do that with other highly respected creatives and artists. He gets behind their process, and to completely nerd out on something he’s passionate about—guitar, and gear, and other musician’s processes.

You get to have a much wider reach

No more limits! Podcasts help you send your voice and your message worldwide. Imagine having fans from across the world tuning in, all connecting with you and your stories. You’re not just an artist anymore – you’re part of their daily routine, their playlist for life.

Real talk, real connection

Storytelling is key. We know this. So is it any surprise that podcasts, which are all about storytelling, allow for this more than anything else? This is where you share your journey, the stuff that really goes on behind those songs. Your inspiration, your triumphs, mishaps, all of it. Fans are all ears for the real you – what inspired that crazy hook, the gig that went sideways, and those “a-ha” moments when a song just clicked. It’s also a chance to get real with your fans and guests like Andy Frasco does on his podcast, Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast. He has real conversations with his guests about struggle, hardships, addiction, and mental health; important conversations that your fans will thank you for sharing. It’s like inviting them backstage into your world.

Stay front of mind

Regular episodes? Heck yes! Podcasts keep that connection with your fans alive and well. It’s like a weekly hangout session with your fans. They’ll be waiting every new episode, and that’s the kind of excitement you want from them to create lifelong fans.

Have you thought about a podcast to go alongside your music? What would yours be about?