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Is it any surprise that in a world filled with TikTok obsession, neverending Instagram Reels (or now, Facebook Reels), and non-stop social media generation and consumption we would find ourselves in a place where it was an integral part of music marketing strategy?

In this digital era, musicians have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting their music out there and connecting with fans—it’s the #1 thing artists come to me about, and for good reason. It’s tricky!

But what if I told you there’s an easier way to find fans? A new way to build your audience? One that connects you with thousands of new fans with hardly any effort on your part? It’s called Influencer Marketing and it’s become a key part of our music PR campaigns for a reason. Here’s why.

Influencer Marketing Allows You To Reach HUGE Audiences

Influencers are the real deal with massive followings on social media. This year alone we have placed indie artists with influencers upwards of tens of thousands of followers. We’ve done song placements, exclusive content, and other partnerships tailored specifically to the artist and the influencer. Hundreds of likes in under an hour, thousands in less than a day, all of it with these partnerships.

What I’m saying is, it’s powerful.

What I’ve found over the last 6 months of Influencer Marketing for the musicians on our roster is that when musicians team up with influencers, it’s like unleashing a powerful sound wave that resonates with tons of potential listeners. It’s like turbocharging your reach and getting your music in front of way more people than traditional marketing ever could.

You become instantly trustworthy (which means stronger connections with fans)

Authenticity is everything, and influencer marketing is all about forming real connections with your audience (and future fans). By teaming up with influencers who love your genre, vibe, or brand, you build trust with both their fans and your own. They know it’s not just hype; influencers, especially at the nano or micro level will only work with people they truly believe in and this will help you attract real, lasting fans.

You create powerful narratives

Every artist has a story behind their music, and influencer marketing lets you tell it in a way that feels authentic and natural. When you partner with influencers, it’s like testing out different narratives. Fans get to see the struggles, the creative process, and all the feels that went into your music. That’s the stuff that gets fans invested in your journey!

You don’t have to spend hours creating content

It kind of sucks spending hours on something only to get a handful of likes, doesn’t it? As I said above, this is one area we’ve seen huge results. The numbers don’t lie. Influencers are powerful, and partnering with them means benefiting from their built in audience.

Plus, oftentimes you don’t have to create the content yourself. Influencers are content wizards, creating eye-catching visuals and killer videos that keep followers hooked, and best of all, most of them will not require you to create the content for them. There are a lot of differnet ways to partner with influencers, though one of the most popular is to have your songs featured in their Reels or TikToks, which means all their followers who watch their content anyways, are now jamming out to your song while they do. Play around with different ideas though. You get to reach fans through different content styles, ensuring your music gets the attention it deserves from all angles.

Influencer Marketing is Leading the Way

Look, we’re a PR company so we believe in all modes of PR, including the value in traditional placements like blogs (which offer great quotes for your EPK and in-depth coverage) and podcasts (which give you a chance to really showcase your personality) along with reviews, spotlight features, etc. But what’s undeniable about influencer marketing is that it gives you the power of data. It’s like having your very own backstage pass to see how well your collaborations are doing. You can track website traffic, streaming numbers, and social media buzz to see what’s working and what’s not. That’s some valuable info to fine-tune your future campaigns!

It’s incredibly budget-friendly

Unless you’re trying to work with a huge influencer, influencer marketing is cost-effective and packs a major punch. Unlike pricey ad campaigns or over-the-top marketing stunts, you can often get targeted exposure through influencers without breaking the bank.

Still not convinced? Reach out and tell me more about your goals around your next release and I’ll tell you if influencer marketing can be a fit. No matter what kind of campaign you want to run for your next release, the end goal is the same: it’s all about boosting your reach, staying authentic with fans, and making a splash with content. So, consider teaming up with influencers as part of your overall PR and marketing strategy, and let your music be heard.

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