punk band
Photo by Harrison Haines

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with SLC Punk. It was my religion. As a young punk myself (wow, I sound old just saying that, don’t I?) It felt like one of the few movies of the time that actually understood me. My friend Andrea and I would watch it over and over, to the point I can still, 15+ years later, quote most of it from memory.

But as comes up in the movie, punk isn’t just the genre, it’s the attitude. While I’m not quite as anarchy-leaning as Steve-O and his friends, I do believe in the punk mentality of DIY and doing things your way. I’ve always been a big believer that the most progress is seen when we throw out the rule book and do what feels innately right to us. You go with your gut, you experiment, and you have fun. That’s the true ethos of punk. And it’s what I talk about in this article I wrote. In an ever-increasingly corporate music world, how do you remain DIY, and do so successfully?

Enjoy the read-over on Soundfly & let me know—have you seen SLC Punk or am I just an old aging punk? 😩