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It wasn’t that long ago that we shared what we believe to be one of the absolute best places for musicians to create a name for themselves; a magical place where you can build your brand, get in front of actual fans, and create a community of followers that are just as excited to hear your music as you are to share it.

That place is Reddit.

Six months later, we’re still recommend it as one of the go-to places for indie musicians to build a following. The benefits of Reddit are clear. The platform has 430 million monthly users, many of which are in music- or brand-related subreddits. 

Not only that, it’s still incredibly popular among all demographics and unlike other platforms (looking at you Facebook Groups) it hasn’t seen massive drop off or aggravating algorithm changes (ahem, TikTok). This makes it an ideal place for musicians to network.

The big question then becomes, where on Reddit do you go? Even for the seasoned Reddit user it can feel like a bit of a maze to sort through the best subreddits for you and your music. Especially if you’re interested in truly growing a community and not just spamming your music.

So we’ve compiled a list of the best subreddits for the DIY musician. Enjoy!

Genre-Specific Subreddits

We thought we’d start with the most obvious: genre-specific subreddits. The whole point of a lot of these subs are to share and discover new music, which means you can go in and share your latest song without too much worry of building a repertoire  first.

Just make sure you’re also taking the time to check out and comment or upvote other songs you like as well. It is a community after all.

You can find just about any niche genre as well if you search for it. Just take a look at:

Music Business Subreddits

For the DIY musician who wants to learn a little more about the music business side of things, these are for you. Like with all subreddits, some are more active than others, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a ton of existing posts that you can’t learn from even if the sub is less active.

Take the time to comb through these and educate yourself on the different areas of the business. If you have specific questions, you can always post your question and see what the community has to say.

Feedback Subreddits

If you’re feeling brave, you can actually submit your music to certain subreddits for feedback. Just remember, this is the internet and not everyone is your ideal fan, so take it all with a grain of salt. Still, it can be a really great learning experience for those that are up for it.

Industry and General Subreddits

If you happen to dabble in other areas of the industry (or want to connect with those that do, or learn about their process) there are a number of subreddits to check out. Some are geared towards producing, others on this list are just general music subreddits.

Take a look around and get involved. You never know who you’ll meet on there!

Brand-Specific Subreddits 

Last but certainly not least, take some time to visit and get involved in subreddits that align with your specific brand. You might not be able to post your music to these subreddits but they’ll provide lots of other valuable information like:

Plus, people on Reddit have a tendency to view profiles and look at previous posts and comments, so by simply showing up and being a part of your brand specific community, they’ll likely end up discovering your music anyway.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to community growth, Reddit is one of the most under-utilized opportunities for DIY musicians to get involved and grow their audience. I recommend taking a look at all of these, joining the ones that seem most aligned with you and your brand, and checking in a few times a week at least for the most growth and opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to post and get involved in your favorite communities.