August 16th, 2022: This August, musicians and music industry professionals will gather together for the once-a-year networking mega-event that is the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference. With the option to attend virtually this year, attendees have every opportunity to be a part of the conference that will host indie fan favorites like Indepreneur, The Rockstar Advocate‘s Suzanne Paulinski, and reality TV music coach Brianna Ruelas.

You can grab your ticket, which works for both in-person or virtual attendance here.

This year’s Keynote speakers include heavyweights like Kara DioGuardi and Ross Goland, who are songwriters for Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and more. Live music producers Tom Jackson and Amy Wolter who will do the conference’s fan favorite live performance makeover, as well as NY Times bestselling author Austin Kelon who will teach the creative process, as well as Enrique Chi who will teach artists to create transformative, meaningful music.

Recently announced to this stellar lineup is MP. Co founder Angela (Mastrogiacomo) Tyler, who has been announced as a speaker for the panel “More Than Artist Branding”, which will explore how to network effectively and share the key secrets to making you successful in the music industry. Tactile advice, strategies, and insights will be shared.

MP Co. will speak alongside music industry veterans Stefan Aronsen (Balanced Breakfast), Reed Cameron Fox (Moon Magnet Mastering), and Jeremy Boyum (The A&R Foundation).

The panel details are below. Attendees who show up a half hour early at 9am (CT) can join the pre-panel party with Balanced Breakfast.

Panel details:

Sunday 8/28 9:30am-10:30am CT: More Than Artist Branding

Room: Salon F

How many times have you heard “it’s all about who you know?”

In this panel we look to explore how to network effectively and the key things that will make you successful in the music industry. Being successful in the music industry is about more than just being good at your craft. It’s also about who you know and how they find you.

You can grab your ticket, which works for both in-person or virtual attendance, here.